Blockpit hat heute eine Finanzierung von über 10 Millionen US-Dollar bekannt gegeben. Das frische Kapital stammt dabei von gleich fünf international bekannten Investoren aus dem FinTech- und Blockchain-Bereich. Unter anderem sind oder waren die Venture Capital Firmen ebenfalls in Coinbase oder die Kryptotoken- und Blockchain-Protokolle Ripple, Ocean Protocol und Polkadot investiert.

Blockpit, a leading company in the development of legally compliant and audited tax reports for the treatment of crypto assets, today announced its $10 million Series A funding. The capital increase comes from no less than five internationally renowned investors from the FinTech and blockchain sectors. Among others, those venture capital firms are or were also invested in Coinbase and the blockchain protocols Ripple, Ocean Protocol, and Polkadot. The capital increase is intended to further develop Cryptotax, a tax reporting software developed in-house and regularly audited by a Big Four auditing firm. Another goal of the investment is to make the software available in additional countries.