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Thursday, May 5 2022

Coinpanion founders (left to right): Saad Wohlgennant (CMO), Matthias Zandanel (CTO), Aaron Penn (System Architect) und Alexander Valtingojer (CEO) © Coinpanion

The easy way to start investing in crypto

Coinpanion expands to Germany

  • Crypto startup aims to provide easy entry into the world of crypto investments in Germany
  • Companion addresses users who neither know how to profit from the developments of the crypto market, nor have the time to constantly stay informed about the market.
  • Coinpanion collaborates with one of the banks in Germany, Bankhaus von der Heydt (safekeeping and securing of investors’ deposits) as well as with the securities specialist and FinTech service provider Bankhaus Scheich / tradias (processing of trading transactions)

Vienna, 5th of May 2022 |Coinpanion, the crypto manager for easy entry into the world of crypto investments, today announced its expansion to Germany. Founded in Vienna in 2019, the FinTech has set itself the goal of utilising its platform to enable anyone – even without prior knowledge – to participate and profit from the cryptocurrency market. “We firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important for the portfolios of private investors. That’s why we want to create the opportunity for  those who have been thinking about digital assets for a while but are deterred by the complexity and fast-moving nature of the market,” says Alexander Valtingojer, CEO and co-founder of Coinpanion. Coinpanion users can choose from different smart portfolios on the platform, which revolve around innovative technologies such as NFTs, Decentralised Finance, the Metaverse as well as classic cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether.

All-round carefree investing into the crypto world
According to Coinpanion, their customers do not have to worry about a thing when using  their all-round carefree packages. Getting started should take less than five minutes. The company then accompanies the entire process with its platform: from the simple market entry with the help of the pre-selected portfolios and the ongoing optimisation of these, to the automatically generated tax report.

“We want to address people who, on the one hand, don’t know how they can profit from the developments of the crypto market and, on the other hand, don’t have the time or interest to keep track by themselves. Put simply, Coinpanion brings the simplicity of ETFs to the world of digital assets,” says Valtingojer. Coinpanion also offers automated saving plans as well as a dedicated app for keeping track of current investments.

Renowned investors and regulated banking houses as partners
Several renowned international investors recently invested a total of 5.5 million euros into the Viennese start-up. These include the US investor Wicklow Capital – an early-stage investor in the crypto-unicorns Ledger,, NYDIG und Crusoe Energy Systems – as well as the founders of the credit comparison platform, Andreas Kupke and Moritz Thiele. Also involved in the company are unicorn-investors Christopher Oster, co-founder and CEO of the insurance manager Clark, and Patrick Pöschl, founder of Scalable Capital.

For its launch in Germany,  Coinpanion entered into a partnership with the Frankfurt-based bank Bankhaus Scheich and its FinTech arm tradias – trading digital assets, as well as one of the oldest banks in Germany, Bankhaus von der Heydt. Both banks enable full regulatory compliance in accordance to German rules and regulations, and are responsible for processing Coinpanion’s trading transactions. Bankhaus Scheich is Europe’s leading regulated OTC trading platform for cryptocurrency trading and handles the settlement of transactions on trades, while Bankhaus von der Heydt acts as financial commission agent. The Munich-based Bankhaus von der Heydt, founded in 1754, also assumes the role of custodian in the cooperation, holding investors’ euro and crypto deposits in safe custody and ensuring payouts to Coinpanion’s customers.

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Additional statements for your coverage from Coinpanion’s partners

Nils von Schoenaich-Carolath, Managing Director Digital Assets Bankhaus Scheich/tradias welcomes the partnership and Coinpanion to the German market: 

“It is important for startups to meet the high regulatory requirements in Germany with experienced partners like us and Bankhaus von der Heydt. As Bankhaus Scheich / tradias, we see great potential in working with dynamic and innovative startups like Coinpanion to expand in Europe, in addition to our growing core business with established institutional firms. With our offers for transparent and liquid financial products, we jointly  make the investment market directly and cost-effectively investable in a regulated market environment.”

Sebastian Hailer, Vice President at Bankhaus von der Heydt states:

 “We see digital assets gaining greater importance. Here, regulatory requirements and a high level of complexity often make market entry difficult. As a fully regulated partner bank that combines many years of banking expertise in highly regulated markets with a deep understanding of blockchain-based solutions, we help to find an entry into the market. As an innovative private bank, it is important to us to strengthen Germany as a crypto innovation location and also to stand by young innovative FinTechs like Coinpanion as a long-term partner in the growth phase. Together with an experienced partner like Bankhaus Scheich, which also contributes its product expertise, we see sustainable potential in this cooperation to further democratise the investment market and make it more transparent.”  


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About Coinpanion
The crypto investment start-up Coinpanion was founded in Vienna in 2019 and offers a platform for easy entry into the crypto market for everyone. In the meantime, many millions of euros have already been invested in crypto projects via Coinpanion. Customers are offered a range of different crypto portfolios with various categories. The four-member founding team has set itself the goal of making the highly complex cryptocurrency market accessible to the general public. The rapidly growing FinTech company currently employs 33 people.

About Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG & Tradias GmbH
At Bankhaus Scheich / tradias, we provide the necessary infrastructure and services to enable all institutional investors to access the enormous potential of digital assets. The decades of accumulated knowledge of Bankhaus Scheich as one of the leading securities trading banks and market maker on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is now flowing into the FinTech arm tradias. Bankhaus Scheich / tradias already enables its customers to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a regulated environment, as well as to access a range of other digital asset services such as tokenization, asset management or borrowing/lending.

Our core and history is in trading and market making – building on these capabilities and experience, we are now creating a holistic financial services offering for digital assets. More at and

About Bankhaus von der Heydt GmbH & Co. KG
Bankhaus von der Heydt is a privately owned bank whose range of services includes traditional and digital asset banking, securitisation and fund services. Founded in 1754, the Munich-based bank has a particular focus on the use of new technologies, especially blockchain technology, and is one of the first banks in Germany to offer cryptocurrency trading and custody services. More at

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