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Altify: Alexander Valtingojer (CSO) and Sean Andrew Sanders (Founder and CEO) ©skyrocketX

Crypto Consolidation

Coinpanion Joins Altify  

Austrian crypto investing platform Coinpanion joins Altify — a global alternative investment platform. Customers will soon have access to a wide range of alternative investment opportunities, such as private loans, real estate or venture capital, alongside Coinpanion’s existing offering of ETF-style crypto portfolios. At Altify, Coinpanion is joined by two other investment platforms — Revix and BitFund.

Vienna/Kapstadt, 1.12.2023 | Austrian startup Coinpanion, known for its ETF-style crypto portfolios, is joining forces with global alternative investment platform Altify ( Altify’s offering will go beyond the well-known crypto portfolio offerings to include investment classes that were previously only available to institutional investors or the ultra wealthy, such as the ability to invest in private credit, real estate or venture capital. Altify is the result of the merger of Coinpanion with South Africa’s leading crypto investment platform Revix and BitFund, and now serves a community of over 80,000 investors with over $250 million in deposits. The company is headquartered in London with offices in Poland, South Africa and Austria. Sean Sanders, founder and former CEO of Revix, will take over as CEO of Altify.

“With Coinpanion, we have found the perfect partner to expand our presence in the EU and soon offer the same investment opportunities worldwide that were previously only available to wealthy investors”, said Sean Sanders.

The Coinpanion team will be fully integrated into the new company and will become Altify’s European operations. Alexander Valtingojer, previously CEO of Coinpanion, will take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer at Altify, leading the company’s expansion in the European Union with an initial focus on the DACH region.

“The merger with Altify is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Coinpanion customers will benefit from significantly lower fees, more investment options and a much better user experience in the completely redesigned investment app”, says Alexander Valtingojer.

More Consolidations Ahead

According to Coinpanion’s Founder, Alexander Valtingojer, the recent downturn in the financial and crypto markets has led to a consolidation of consumer-focused investment platforms and ultimately acted as a catalyst for the current merger of the three companies. The strategic alliance that created Altify is expected to establish a strong market player and accelerate the expansion of the product portfolio beyond the crypto investment options offered to date. Altify says it is in contact with various other investment platforms in the United Arab Emirates, the UK and Europe to integrate them into the Altify Group.

“Cryptocurrencies were the first fully democratized alternative investment and the entry point for millions of people to start building wealth. With Altify, we want to expand these opportunities and give our customers access to even more lucrative alternative investment opportunities”, added Sean Sanders.

Coinpanion was founded in 2019 and quickly gained many new customers during the last crypto bull run in 2021 with its Crypto-Asset-Portfolios and raised over €6 million in funding from well-known investors such as Hansi Hansmann or Florian Gschwandtner. Their ETF-style crypto portfolios, which will continue to be offered on the Altify platform, enable novice and professional investors alike to diversify across the entire crypto market or a crypto sector with just one investment. You can begin investing in Altify’s crypto portfolios with just €15. Designed specifically for the crypto market, these portfolios automatically rebalance every month and allow for 24/7 trading. This flexibility lets you invest or withdraw at any time, making it an easy and affordable option for diving into the world of crypto.

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About Altify
Altify is an alternative asset investment platform purpose built to empower people to grow their wealth outside of the stock market. The fintech’s user-friendly mobile app and web portal open doors for over 80,000 retail investors in the EMEA region to a variety of lucrative investment opportunities once reserved for the wealthy or institutional investors.

Altify boasts the world’s largest selection of ETF-style Crypto Bundles. While its multi exchange smart trading system enables its users to transact across all the top crypto exchanges in real-time and access to the best trade prices and liquidity in the market. Altify is a London-headquartered company with satellite offices in Vienna and Cape Town.

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About Sean Sanders
Sean, the CEO and Founder of Altify, is a distinguished fintech entrepreneur renowned for his expertise in investing and asset management. He founded and led Revix, a well-regarded crypto-ETF investment app, and played a crucial role at Sabvest, a Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed investment group, as an investment manager. Sean led tech investments at Knife Capital, a prominent African VC, and Draper-Gain, a London-based Family Office. Sean combines entrepreneurial success with financial expertise. He is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons), where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, specialising in Finance and Economics from the University of Cape Town.

About Alexander Valtingojer
Alex is the Chief Strategy Officer at Altify. His primary responsibilities include business development and the execution of the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Previously, Alexander founded and ran Coinpanion, an ETF-style platform for investing in digital assets. With Coinpanion, he was able to raise over €6M in venture capital from founders of some of Europe’s most influential FinTechs, including Scalable Capital, Finanzcheck and Clark. With a passion and expertise for highly scalable digital-first business models, Alex is an angel investor in several EU and US based start-ups, as well as a venture partner in several of the world’s leading venture capital funds. Alexander is a member of the Sigma Squared Society, an exclusive community of the most ambitious entrepreneurs under the age of 26.

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Altify: Alexander Valtingojer (CSO) and Sean Andrew Sanders (Founder and CEO) ©skyrocketX

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